About us

Checkfin helps customers with Finnish statutory requirements by training and consulting.

We act as an interpreter between the companies and the authorities. We make the statutory requirements practical and easy to understand for everybody.

Our services are available in Finnish and English, in all industries.

Our special expertise

Marika Barrett

Co-founder & Partner

"I am a strong project management professional with diverse work experience. I have created and developed services for project management, especially in the construction and energy industries.

Leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving are my strengths. I am at my best in situations that require quick action in decision making."

Facts about Marika

Marianja Huber

Co-founder & Partner

"I am a committed project management professional with several years of experience in managing contractor chains in the construction and energy industries.

I have led various development projects and have been responsible for the access process for a major turnaround. I am a productive team player with international work experience and can handle any situation."

Facts about Marianja

Maarit Blomroos

Sales manager & Compliance expert

"I have strong experience in the commercial sector and I have worked in the higher education world in administrative roles. I have been responsible for the implementation of services for maintenance turnaround projects and have taken over the entirety of the projects down to the details.

I am very customer service oriented and work naturally with different groups. I want to develop operations always taking quality and customer needs into account. "

Facts about Maarit

Heli-Marlee Rajala

Administrative & Compliance coordinator

"I have worked in sales and accounting, and I have experience working as a supervisor in the restaurant and retail industry. I also have extensive experience in customer service work.

I value careful work and I especially like the project-based way of working. I am a solution-oriented team worker and I always want to find the best possible way to serve the customer. "

Facts about Heli-Marleesta