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A1 certificate (A1-todistus)

The A1 certificate indicates which country's social security legislation applies to the holder and to which country social security contributions are paid. A valid A1 certificate means that the pension and accident insurance is in order.

Buyer (Tilaaja)

According to The Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability, the following are buyers:

traders, state, municipalities, joint municipal authorities, parishes, parish unions, other religious communities and other legal persons governed by public law. Also, all similar foreign operators are buyers.

Collective agreement (Työehtosopimus)

When a company has employees working in Finland, the company must name a Finnish, generally binding collective agreement to be complied with. If there is no suitable applicable collective agreement, the company must state the principle terms of employment.

Contracting partner (Sopimuskumppani)

Those who have a contractual relationship with each other are contracting partners.

Developer (Rakennuttaja)

A developer is the main buyer of a construction project.

Finnish company (Suomalainen yritys)

A Finnish company is a Finnish registered company, operating mainly in Finland.

Finnish company with foreign employees (Suomalainen yritys, jolla ulkomaalaisia työntekijöitä)

Finnish company with foreign employees has foreign employees on its payroll. Additional responsibilities and obligations may occur compared to Finnish employees. 

Finnish tax number (Suomalainen veronumero)

A Finnish tax number is mandatory for everyone working in areas classified as construction sites in Finland, regardless of nationality or the company’s country of origin.

Foreign company (Ulkomaalainen yritys)

A foreign company is a foreign registered company, operating mainly in the country of origin and has no main operations in Finland. Even if the company registers in Finland or a permanent establishment is formed, the company is still considered a foreign company.  

Incomes register (Tulorekisteri)

The Incomes Register is an electronic income database in Finland. The employer or other payer must report the information on earned income to the income register within five days of the payment date.

Liability Act (Tilaajavastuulaki)

The Liability Act requires that the buyer of the work, before concluding the contract, must check that the contracting partner has fulfilled its legal obligations, such as payment of taxes.

Liability documents and clarifications (Tilaajavastuuselvitykset)

Company-specific documents and clarifications, that the buyer must always request from all contracting partners before concluding a contract, regardless of the type of company:

1. Clarification whether the contracting partner is registered in the prepayment register, employer register and value added tax register

2. Clarification on tax payment matters

3. Trade register extract

Employee-specific documents and clarifications that the buyer must always request when the contracting partner has or will have employees working at the buyer’s site or premises:

4. Clarification on employee’s pension insurance

5. Confirmation of the collective agreement or principle terms of employment applicable to the work

6. Confirmation of an occupational health care contract with a Finnish provider

7. Clarification on employee’s accident insurance (only in construction activities)

Main contractor (Pääurakoitsija)

The main contractor has a direct contract with the principal contractor or developer. The main contractor is responsible for the whole contract and if necessary, uses subcontractors to carry out the work.

Minimum wage (Minimipalkka)

In Finland, the law does not determine a minimum wage, but the criteria for determining wages comes from generally binding collective agreements.

Notification of posting of workers (Ilmoitus työntekijöiden lähettämisestä)

When a foreign company posts employees to work in Finland, the company must notify the occupational health and safety authority by submitting a Notification of Posting of Workers.

Occupational health care (Työterveyshuolto)

When a company has employees working in Finland, the company must arrange statutory, preventive occupational health care for employees through a Finnish service provider.

Permanent establishment (Kiinteä toimipaikka)

A permanent establishment is a geographically fixed place of business from where a company operates on a permanent basis. When a foreign company operates in Finland, a permanent establishment may form and the company becomes liable to pay tax on the income of the operations carried out in Finland.

Posted worker (Lähetetty työntekijä)

A posted worker is an employee who normally works in a country other than Finland and who is posted to Finland for a limited period of time by an employer established in another country.

Posted worker representative (Lähetetyn työntekijän edustaja)

When a foreign company posts employees to work in Finland, the company must appoint a posted worker representative.

Principal contractor (Päätoteuttaja)

A principal contractor is appointed by the developer to control and manage the construction site. Only one principal contractor can be appointed. If the principal contractor has not been appointed, the developer will act as the principal contractor.

Rental agency (Vuokratyöyritys)

The rental agency transfers employees to another employer company (the user company). The employee works under the supervision of the work recipient (the user company).

Subcontractor (Alihankkija)

A subcontractor is contracted out by another contractor to perform the agreed work. It is important to know with which company the subcontractor has a contractual relationship (to know the whole contracting chain).

Shared construction site (Yhteinen rakennustyömaa)

When at least two employer companies or independent contractors carry out construction work on a construction site, a shared construction site is created.